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Refill Your Sodastream Cylinders for Less Don't pay up to $19.99 (plus taxes) to refill your Sodastream CO2 cylinders (see photo on the right, which was taken at a popular retail outlet here in Nanaimo. OUCH!) At Nicol Street Pawnbrokers we can refill your SodaStream CO2 cylinder with beverage grade carbon dioxide (CO2) for a significant discount. Come down to 124 Nicol Street in downtown Nanaimo any day of the week and we will fill your 14.5-ounce SodaStream CO2 cylinder for $6.72 (total price including taxes). A refill takes about 10 minutes (while you wait there's plenty of interesting things...

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Firearms Nicol Street Pawnbrokers, Vancouver Island's premier pawnshop is now a licensed retailer for non-restricted & restricted firearms. Customers can pawn their firearms, buy new and used firearms, consign a firearm or store pistols, rifles and guns with confidence at 124 Nicol Street in downtown Nanaimo. Firearm Services Pawn Your Firearms Consignment of firearms Purchase new or used guns Ammunition sales Safe Gun Storage Growing supply of firearms accessories   Click to learn more

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FREESHIP When customers purchase over $100-worth of jewellery from us at Nicol Pawn, just use coupon code "FREESHIP" (or "freeship" as upper/lower case doesn't matter). Using this code at checkout will get you free "lightweight" shipping, which is an $15 CAD value! You probably saved $15 by reading this! What a deal!

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