Sterling Silver and Gold Orca Bracelet

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Sterling Silver and Gold Killer Whale Bracelet

Hand carved in heavy gauge sterling silver this bracelet measures 2.5 inches across the cuff and will fit between a 6.5 and an eight inch wrist. The one inch wide bracelet is adorned with two killer Whales swimming towards a hand carved 14 kt yellow gold moon face at the center of the Bracelet and weighs 43.22grams. The bracelet is signed by the artist Mr. Travis Henry a member of the Coast Salish Native Band in Duncan, British Columbia.

Killer Whale

The Killer whale or Orca whale is also known as the Sea wolf as they travel and hunt in family packs or pods. They are known as strong family symbols and it is believed that the Killer whale is the reincarnation of a past chief and that he will return to the village to watch over them.