The Pawn industry is deeply wrought in tradition and diversity. The pawn shop is a place where you can secure a fast confidential collateral loan, buy a skillsaw for that home improvement project, pick up your first guitar, find a beautiful diamond ring for that special occasion, and now at Nicol Street Pawnbrokers, you can pawn and purchase new and used Firearms.

Shooting Sports

Traditionally you would buy a rifle or shotgun and head out into the bush for a weekend of hunting. These activities are very popular in Canada and in BC alone over 100000 Hunting licenses are issued every year. Other shooting sports and activities also enjoy a great deal of popularity. Sports such as Skeet and Trap Shooting keep the hunter's skills sharp and offer an alternative shooting option to the non-hunter. Three Gun Competitions and IPSC competitions are high intensity timed sports that test the participants' marksmanship in Pistol, Rifle, and shotgun disciplines. Shooting sports have been included at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement at the 1896 Summer Olympics. Shooting as a sport has been practiced for hundreds of years in Europe and shows no signs of slowing in growth. It offers activity to participants of all ages and skill levels. Come down to Nicol Street Pawnbrokers and see how we can help you get involved in the sport today.


Firearms Classifications

In Canada there are four classifications of Firearms; Antique Non restricted, Restricted and Prohibited. Antique Firearms are any firearms manufactured before 1898 and are limited by the type and calibre of the ammunition they discharge. Non-Restricted Firearms consist of most shotguns in pump and semi-automatic, hunting rifles and some semi-automatic rim-fire rifles. Some Semi automatic center-fire rifles are classed as non-restricted provided the barrel length is 18.5 inches or longer. Restricted Firearms are pistols and revolvers with a minimum barrel length of 4 inches as well as semi-automatic rifles with a barrel length of less than 18.5 inches. Prohibited Firearms are hand guns with barrel lengths of less than 4 inches, any Rifle or shotgun that has had the barrel length shortened or any fully automatic firearms. For more detailed information on the classes of firearms in Canada visit the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.

Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)

In Canada, before anyone can be licensed to purchase Firearms or ammunition for that matter they must complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. First time applicants for unrestricted firearms must complete the day-long course delivered in a classroom environment which covers a wide range of topics including the evolution of firearms, major parts, types and actions, basic firearms safety practices, ammunition, operating firearm actions, safe handling and carry procedures,firing techniques and procedures, care of non-restricted firearms, responsibilities of the firearms owner or user and, safe storage, display, transportation and handling of non-restricted firearms. The student must successfully pass this course before applying for their PAL

For those individuals interested in purchasing Restricted Firearms, in addition to completing the unrestricted Firearms Safety Course they must also complete the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course. This course covers many of the same topics of the unrestricted Firearms Safety but are specific to Restricted Firearms and their unique characteristics. For more detailed information on the Canadian Firearms Safety Course or to find an Instructor visit the Safety Courses page on the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program Web Page

Pawning Firearms

At Nicol Street Pawnbrokers we make it just as easy to secure a fast cash loan on firearms, as it is on your jewellery, guitar, electronics or any other item of value. At NSP, we are licensed to deal with Unrestricted and Restricted Firearms and the procedures are slightly different between the two classes.

Pawning Non-Restricted Firearms

When pledging your hunting rifle, sporting rifle or shotgun for pawn, the majority of these firearms are considered unrestricted. At NSP we require your PAL as the primary piece of ID along with a secondary piece of government issue ID. In addition, firearms must be transported in a soft or hard-shelled case, unloaded and trigger or cable locked as outlined in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. You may leave your firearms in your case however, we will affix one of our own cable or trigger locks to the firearms while it is in our possession. Our loans are written for thirty days and when you come to redeem your firearms, be sure to bring your own trigger lock as it is illegal for us to allow firearms to leave without being secured.

Pawning Restricted Firearms

Pawning restricted firearms at NSP differs only slightly from pawning unrestricted firearms. While in transport, firearms must be disabled by way of a cable or trigger lock as well as in a locked case, whether it be soft or hard-shelled. Also your restricted firearms must be accompanied by the registration for those firearms and of course the primary piece of identification must be your Restricted Possession and Acquisition License. Furthermore your must have an ATT attached to your License allowing you to transport your restricted firearms to a business that holds a license to repair or appraise restricted firearms.

One other difference when pawning restricted firearms is that the transfer of ownership, by law, must be completed within thirty days of the expiry of the loan agreement. Which means; the ownership of the Restricted firearms remains in the name of the pledger however, should the loan default, the pawnbroker must register firearms in their inventory within 30 days.

Firearms Sales

With the addition of pawning non-restricted and restricted firearms, Nicol Street Pawnbrokers can now sell used and new firearms as well. You've come to expect a great selection of new and used inventory over the years every time you walk into 124 Nicol Street in Nanaimo and you can expect to see the same quality merchandise offered in our new Firearms Section. Whether you're a big game or waterfowl hunter or are exploring the shooting sports, you can trust Nicol Street Pawnbrokers to help you find the gear you need. We are the only Licensed firearms dealer in the south end of Nanaimo and in fact are the only licensed firearms dealer in the south Mid Vancouver Island Region.

If you have firearms you haven't used for a while or want to sell, Nicol Street Pawnbrokers will consign the firearm and sell it for you. For a competitive mutually agreed upon rate NSP will sell your firearms on your behalf. No negotiating with potential buyers or setting up inconvenient meeting in your spare time. Leave that up to the pros. Once your firearm is sold we can convert your proceeds into Store Credit and put it toward a purchase in-store or cut you a cheque. We will also offer you a competitive instant cash offer on your non-restricted or restricted firearms.

In addition to Firearms sales we also carry a wide variety of ammunition as well as gun cases, trigger and cable locks, gun oil and cleaning supplies, hearing and eye protection and much more.

Firearms Storage Services

There are many laws and regulations surrounding the safe and secure storage of your firearms and Nicol Street Pawnbrokers is compliant with those laws. Firearms owners in Canada are responsible individuals and usually store their firearms legally, however many instances arise where safe storage is needed. You may be moving and need a temporary location to store your firearms until you get set up in your new home. You may feel more comfortable storing your firearms with us while you go on vacation. A loved one may have passed away and no one in the family is licensed to possess the firearms and to avoid possible seizure by the RCMP, we can safely store them for the estate until the licensing can be obtained or sell them on behalf of the estate.

At Nicol Street Pawnbrokers we constantly strive to be the best Pawnshop on Vancouver Island, and remember at NSP you never know what you'll find.