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Native Jewellery is popular with both national and international collectors. Pacific Northwest Coast Native Artists are famous for their beautiful designs and fine jewellery. High-quality rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and beads made of silver, gold and copper are of high value and rich heritage.

West Coast First Nation Artists combine different materials for their authentic native jewellery, using native woods, ivory, bone, copper, argillite, shells, cedar bark, beads, feathers, amber, silver and gold as well as other semi-precious stones. They use these materials in the creation of beautiful and original native pieces. Traditionally, native jewellery was used in various ceremonies and potlatches, as well as in their everyday life. The pieces represent both wealth and high standing. All our Native American Jewelry is authentic - made and designed by West Coast Native artisans.

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At Nicol Street Pawnbrokers we offer a large collection of Northwest coast native sterling silver, gold & copper jewellery. We also offer hand-carved bentwood boxes, masks, plaques, paddles, paintings, and prints. Most of our native art consists of works by artists from the three main Vancouver Island bands: the Coast Salish (East coast Vancouver Island) the Nu-cha-nulth (West Coast), and the Kwakiutl (North Island). We also carry select pieces from Haida Gwaii and Tsimshian artists. You'll find our Native Art inventory as diverse and unique as the First Nations peoples who created it. Click to shop ALL our First Nations Jewellery online.


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