Copper Orca Cuff Bracelet

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Orca Bracelet

Hand-carved in Copper, this bracelet measures 1.5 inches at the center and tapers to one inch at the open cuff. Overall the bracelet is 7 inches long with a one inch opening at the cuff. The bracelet depicts two breaching orca Whales.

Killer Whale

The Orca are held in high regard by the First Nations people. The Orca represent a strong family symbol because they travel in pods and mate for life. They are a popular gift idea and the Orca is a unique memento of the Pacific Northwest culture. Learn more about the First Nations Legends.

First Nations Artist

Solomon Seward has been carving jewellery for the past 30 years in the Nanaimo area. He is a member of the Kwakiutl (Qua-que-tull) Native band from Kingcome Inlet on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. Solomon has a unique style with deep bold lines & strong sense of balance. Every piece bears his distinctive signature.