1913 Canadian Gold $5.00 Coin

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Canada's First Gold Coin

This history begins more than 100 years ago. In the 19th century the idea of a standard National currency was just beginning to evolve. In 1853 Canada adopted the gold standard. A move that simplified trade, but also required that the country have sufficient gold reserves to back it’s currency. The standard help develop a growing interest in minting gold at the Canadian mint.

In the late 1890s there was a major gold rush in the Yukon‘s Klondike region that brought awareness of gold mining to the forefront of Canadians consciousness. It fueled Canadians dreams of mineral wealth. Permission to create a Canadian branch of the Royal Mint was granted in 1901 but it was not until 1908 the Ottawa branch opened on January 2. Then in 1909 the construction of the refinery began and was completed in 1911.

In 1912 the dominion government ordered 8000 $5 gold coins and 8000 $10 gold coins to be minted. The first gold coins struck by the mint were Canadian in almost every aspect. At that time much of the raw material was from the Klondike region. Then in 1913 the gold source shifted eastward to Ontario.

The coins Featured the first symbol of Canada to appear on a gold coin. The design was the defacto coat of arms. Composed of a maple Bough surrounding a shield composed of the four provincial symbols that joined the confederation in 1867.

A very nice opportunity to own a piece of Canada’s history. This coin has received a MS-60 grade by ICCS.