N.W Native Carved Orca Plaque

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Native Carved Orca

This beautifully Hand carved Orca Plaque by West Coast First Nations artist Mr. Gino Seward measures 15 Inches in height and 8 inches in width.  This plaque features a Cow Orca with her calf. With bold lines and designs wrought in tradition, Gino's Coast Salish and Kwakuitl background shine through in his artwork.


The Whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. The Whale, like the Wolf, stays with its family and travels in large pods. Indeed, the Killer Whale is said to have originated from a single great white wolf that leaped into the sea and transformed itself into a Killer Whale. That is why they have the white markings on their sides, travel in packs and are such skilled hunters.

Artist Gino Seward

Gino Seward began carving at the age of ten, and has now been carving for over 20 years. He credits his grandfather, William Robertson, and his cousin, Jackson Robertson, with inspiring him to carve. Gino particularly enjoys carving in yellow cedar. He is known for his deep, detailed style.