Emerald Earrings

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14 Karat Emerald Earrings

Beautiful pair of Emerald Earrings set in 14 Karat yellow gold. Each Earring is set with 14 round natural emeralds ranging in size from 2mm to 3 mm in diameter and having an estimated gem weight of 1 carat each. The earrings also each boast 4 single cut diamonds in a white gold setting rounding off a beautiful combination of glitter and green.


Emerald is May's Birthstone The name emerald comes from the Sanskrit word “marakata," which means spring green. Ancient Egyptians believed the green color of emerald represented fertility and rebirth.There were times in medieval history when emeralds were given to spouses because wearing an emerald was believed to enable the wearer to control their passion and lust. In addition, it was believed that wearing an emerald would improve memory and increase intuitive intelligence, enabling you to think clearly about the past, present and future.