Native Carvings (Hummingbird)

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A literal messenger of joy, this beautiful tiny bird, also called Sah Sen, represents friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native art. It is a positive sign to see Sah Sen prior to a major event such as hunting or traveling to another village. Hummingbird's ability to hover back and forth at great speeds is believed to be a skill for guiding the people; if they fall behind Hummingbird can easily back up to keep pace. 

About Native Carvings


These carvings are hand carved in Red Cedar and signed by the artist Mr. Gino Seward. With bold lines and designs wrought in tradition, Gino's Coast Salish and Kwakuitl background shine through in his artwork.

These plaques measures 8.5 inches by 3.5 inches and 5/8 of an inch in thickness. Both are finished in a deep mahogany stain. Carved in Both Right Facing and Left Facing aspects these are often bought as a set.