Native Carvings (Orca/Eagle Plaque)

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Native Design

This beautiful plaque features two of the most powerful images in the North West Coast Native Lore; The Killer or Orca Whale and carved into the tail is the Noble Eagle


 As one of the most recognized symbols of the West Coast of British Columbia, the Killer Whale is rich in Native lore, with many legends focusing on this majestic animal. The Killer Whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. The Killer Whale, like the Wolf, stays with its family and travels in large pods. Indeed, the Killer Whale is said to have originated from a single great white wolf that leaped into the sea and transformed itself into a Killer Whale. This is why they have the white markings on their sides, travel in packs and are such skilled hunters.


The noble Eagle is seen as a symbol of power and prestige and has a strong connection to peace. The Eagle is the ruler of the sky and has the ability to transform itself and is also has a connection with the creator. It symbolizes grace, power, and has great intellectual abilities. The gift the Eagle shares is the ability of foresight, and an indication of good times to come.

About Native Carvings

These carvings are hand carved in Red Cedar and signed by the artist Mr. Gino Seward. With bold lines and designs wrought in tradition, Gino's Coast Salish and Kwakuitl background shine through in his artwork.

The large plaque measures 12 inches by 5.5 inches and 1.5 inches in thickness and is finished in a deep mahogany stain.