Native Carvings (Salmon)

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The Salmon has fed the Indiginous peoples of the North West Coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island for thousands of years. Known as a staple the Salmon does its part by returning every year to spawn and replenish. As well it supports all other life the Wolf, Bear, Eagle, Orca Raven, and the people all nourish themselves on the Salmon.

About Native Carvings

These carvings are hand carved in Red Cedar and signed by the artist Mr. Gino Seward. With bold lines and designs wrought in tradition, Gino's Coast Salish and Kwakuitl background shine through in his artwork.

The large plaque measures 12 inches by 4 inches and 2 inches in thick and the small size is 9 inches by 3.5 inches by 5/8 of an inch thick. Both are finished in a deep mahogany stain.