North West Hand Carved Raven and Moon Bracelet

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Raven Releasing the Moon Bracelet

One of the most famous North West Native legends beautifully captured in copper and Sterling Silver by artist John Lancaster. This bracelet measures 2.5 inches across the cuff and will easily fit up to an 8 inch wrist. Carved in heavy gauge 1 inch thick copper and weighing 43.99grams, two Ravens in flight flank a Sterling Silver moon as they release it to the heavens.

Raven Releasing the Moon Legend

Long ago the earth was in darkness and the great chief held the moon and the stars in his longhouse not allowing man to gaze upon their beauty. The raven through his trickery made his way to the long house and tricked the great chief. He captured the moon and the stars and escaped the long house through the chimney releasing the moon and stars to the heavens for all mankind to enjoy