Spirit Bead (Frog)

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Frog Spirit Bead

The Frog is a sign to the people to put away the winter activities and prepare for a new season. The frog symbolizes cleansing, peace and rebirth. The frog is an important creature in Northwest Aboriginal Culture, as he lives in the both the Water world and on land. The Frog is a great communicator and often represents the common ground or voice of the people. A Frog embodies magic and good fortune connected with spiritual and therapeutic cleansing. Frog's songs are believed to contain divine power and magic.

About Spirit Beads

A popular gift, spirit beads measure 5/8 inches in width and 1/2 inch in diameter, making them a subtle accent for a pendant necklace. Each are unique works of art, hand-carved by aboriginal artists of the Kwakuitl Native Band in Alert Bay, a small fishing village off the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Choose your favourite spirit or collect all seven.