Solomon Seward Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bracelet

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Hand Carved Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bracelet

This beautifully hand carved sterling silver cuff style bracelet makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Carved in the North West Native style and signed by the artist Mr. Solomon Seward, an indigenous carver of Kwakiutl and Coast Salish heritage.

The bracelet is 2.5 inches across the cuff and will fit a 7.5 to 8 inch wrist. The heavy gauge sterling silver is 1.25 inches in width in the middle of the piece and tapers down to 1/2 inch at the open ends. Total weight of the bracelet is 24.97grams. The bracelet is adorned with three beautifully hand carved hummingbirds


A literal messenger of joy, this beautiful tiny bird, also called Sah Sen, represents friendship, playfulness, and is a symbol of good luck in Northwest Coastal Native art. It is a positive sign to see Sah Sen prior to a major event such as hunting or traveling to another village. Hummingbird's ability to hover back and forth at great speeds is believed to be a skill for guiding the people; if they fall behind Hummingbird can easily back up to keep pace.