Sterling Silver Orca Earrings

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Killer Whale (Orca) Earrings 

Hand-carved in Sterling Silver these stud earrings measure 3/8 of an inch in diameter and are slightly domed each depicting the image of the Orca. The Orca, or Killer Whale, is one of the most recognizable West Coast animals and to the First Nations is seen as a strong family symbol as they travel in large groups or pods and mate for life. West Coast Native legends also speak of the Killer Whale being the reincarnation of a recently deceased Chief.  Learn more about the First Nations Legends.

First Nations Artist

Garry Seaweed learned his craft from his father Alfred Seaweed both members of the   Kwakiutl (Qua-que-tull) Native band from Alert Bay on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. Garry continues to work by his father's side in their studio in Victoria, British Columbia.