Vintage 14k Yellow Gold "Clover" Pin

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Antique Seed-Pearl "Clover Leaf" Pin

This 14-karat yellow gold antique seed pearl pin is a one-of-a-kind pin. It is in a condition that belies its age. It is 5cm long and about 2cm wide. It weighs about 3 grams and contains 34 "seed pearls" of varying size. It is missing one seed pearl opposite the pin hinge (see photos). The purity of the gold is hallmarked on the back "14k". This vintage pin would be a lovely and unique gift or addition to your collection of vintage seed pearl jewellery.

About Seed Pearl Jewellery

Seed pearl jewellery was especially popular from the last quarter of the 18th century and throughout the 19th century when the burgeoning middle-classes of Europe and the United States grew fascinated with pearls and had the money to purchase them. By the mid-1800s, seed pearls were in high demand. The Victorians favored the look of these delicate, almost lace-like pieces against the skin and often associated seed pearl jewelry with purity. They were especially fashionable as bridal gifts. An 1870 newspaper article noted how such pearls were "exquisitely beautiful and constitute an appropriate and elegant present to a young bride."